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The Orange Republick is a Cultural Art project born and conceived in Seville in 2020.

Its goal is to promote the unheard and unlistened-to voice of trees, bearers the air we breathe. Through the use of the artistic language The Orange Republick aims to protect and reinforce the symbolic and cultural value of our trees.

This green self-defined sovereign nation was founded to raise public awareness on the importance of trees for the environment and the identity of the territory we live in.

You, too, can help keep this dream alive. Our community is always seeking people, businesses and institutions to work with. 

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Tree Tags


We spread our message through artistic actions aimed at raising awareness and consciousness about the importance of all tree-life.

Tree tags consists of small but constant awareness-raising performances at street level with of colored paper tags hung and then ritually strung on tree branches with cotton threads.

These conscious, temporary installations call attention to our leafy friends and the often imperceptible benefits that they provide.

Census and tracking


Our multi-pronged initiatives include live events, digitalization and online archiving of these events and posterior artistic exhibitions of works created during the events.

The Orange Republick

The Orange Republick Prints Collection

30cm x 42cm / C-Type printing

Fuji Gloss Paper

FINISH : Medium Gloss PAPER TONE : Bright White  



TEXTURE :  Smooth

Tree Spotting

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