Tree Tag No.1


The Orange Republick Photo Collection

Orange tree, Parque Juan Carlos I, Cordoba.

C-Type High Quality print

Paper : Fuji Gloss Paper  

Dimensions: 30 x42 cm

The Orange Republick

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The Orange Republick Collection

This set of high quality Silver-based C-type prints recollect the “Tree Tags” project interventions during the years 2021/23.

Tree Tags Project

Tree tags consists of small but constant awareness-raising performances at street level with  of colored paper tags  hung and then ritually strung on tree branches with cotton threads.

Its goal is to promote the unheard and unlistened-to voice of trees, bearers of fruit and the air we breathe.  


Print Details

Fuji Gloss Paper

FINISH : Medium Gloss PAPER TONE : Bright White  



TEXTURE :  Smooth