Falsi d’Autore


Falsi d’Autore is a collection of drawings in pencil by Riccardo Rossi. Sevilla 2023.

Intended as a tribute to the original artworks, this collection is a visual transcription of the author’s life and projects on top the canvases of two of Seville’s greatest painters. Diego Velázquez and Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

Characterised by a rough grain of colours, each of the drawings define a new symbolic frame, where a composition of new elements, textures and the sudden transformation of details resurrect the history to promote a set of modern ideas. These visions that cross centuries of styles through the simple stacking of colours merge together in a blend of content between the author’s reality and the timeless art history.

The Young Beggar

Joven mendigo - Drawing (Rossi - Bartolomé Esteban Murillo) Falsi d'Autore

El Lipasam de Sevilla

El aguador de Sevilla. Drawing (Rossi - Velázquez) Falsi d'Autore

Santa Justa y Rufina

Santa Justa y Rufina, Drawing by Riccardo Rossi, Falsi d'Autore Serie.

Falsi d’Autore

Luna Rossa Special

La visión de Murillo 17+1

La visión de San Antonio de Padua Drawing (Rossi - Murillo)